September 14, 2021

Stanley Nelson to Direct Documentary on Barrier-Breaking Golfer Charlie Sifford

Stanley Nelson has been set to direct a feature-length documentary on the life of Charlie Sifford, the first Black golfer to play on the PGA Tour.

Sifford, who has been called the Jackie Robinson of golf, was instrumental in getting the biggest professional golf tournament in the U.S. to terminate the “Caucasian-only” membership clause, an achievement that allowed him to play at the age of 39.

He became a full member of the PGA Tour and notched several victories, including the Greater Hartford Open in 1967 and the Los Angeles Open in 1969. Through those achievements, he won more than $1.2 million and became one of the PGA’s top 60 money-winners of that decade.

Among Sifford’s many accolades, he was a six-time UGA National Negro Open champion, and he received an honorary doctorate from University of St. Andrews. He was also awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Barack Obama. Sifford died in 2015 at the age of 92.

Read more at Variety.

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