Firelight Bias Awareness Documentary for Starbucks

Firelight has documented the African American experience through film for over 15 years. That experience includes stories of personal and collective heroism, as well as interpersonal and systemic discrimination.

Conversations on racism must include the ways that racial discrimination is embedded into the fabric of our society. Racial discrimination in public spaces, and the policing of Black bodies more broadly, is a critical part of any discussion on racism.

With so many documented incidents of racial discrimination in the news lately we felt it was important to provide historical context so Americans understand how implicit bias continues the legacy of legal segregation.

But we also wanted Starbucks employees - and all viewers - to understand the effect that implicit bias has on people of color who experience subtle and overt racial discrimination on a daily basis. The emotional toll of racial discrimination.

We recognize that this partnership with Starbucks is a chance to elevate a national conversation and bring awareness to the trauma that many Americans, including myself and our staff, experience on a daily basis.

We encourage you to explore the ways you experience, participate in, or challenge implicit bias in your daily lives View the documentary below. 



Angela McCrae